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Erika • 16 • TN, USA
definitely, you can say I'm obsessed with youtube and multiple books..


❝ they're not just peope internet..they're my family, and I love them.


My best friend Bear met Joey in Boston, and give him two scrapbooks that we worked our butts off and he put her in a video! She even gave me a shoutout! I love her so much, and I was so glad to help her, even if I was a ton of miles away from her.

She is the girl with the amazing scrapbook idea to get letters from other people who couldn’t go to the tour. And I came up with the idea of scrapbooking all of his videos! If you sent one letter in, thank you so much! We are very happy that you sent them in!


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    i still cannot believe i was in his vlog
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